Each year, several websites and photo boards publish their “Best Picture of the Year” selection. And the dron environment could not miss calls for the style, as we can see in the prestigious call of Dronestagram, in association with National Geographic, “2017 International Drone Photography Contest“.

The wild nature at bird’s eye give us usually the most spectacular images, but are also fascinating those based on geometry of human constructions or, increasingly, those of the genre of photojournalism.

A few days ago the winners of Drone Awards were announced, among wich repeats with a new prize the spectacular zenital image of the polar bear, by Florian Ledoux (do not forget to see his entire gallery), an image that had already won the “2017 Skypixel Photo Contest” a few months ago.

Paisajes Verticales – Fotografia aèria – INMOBILIARIA (Bages)

In the coming season, we will try to participate in any of these announcements with the digital images we have in our database, and we believe that they could compete in quality and creativity in some of the awards.