The Company

Vertical Landscapes is an AESA-enabled drone operator for aerial photography and filming with RPA aircraft of up to 25kg (AESA is the main Spanish authority on air safety). You can check our certification on AESA’s own website, accessing the list of qualified operators. This is the only official registry existing in Spain on homologated operating companies.

We have been doing testing and training flights since 2014 and, since 2016, we have fulfilled all the necessary requirements for making aerial audiovisual works.

The drones operator company must have at least 1 drone pilot assigned, who must have passed theoretical, practical and medical tests. The pilot of Vertical Landscapes is Ricard Vaqué. As well as pilot and aerial photographer in Vertical Landscapes, he is a photographer of product and architecture in Estudi Vaqué, photography and design, usually carrying out photographic works for the real estate sector, tourism industry, public organizations, etc.