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You should know…

According to the State Air Safety Agency, AESA, before hiring the services of a drone company, you should check:

    • that it is a qualified company. This implies that it must also be registered in the Agencia Tributaria (Tax Agency) and Seguridad Social (Social Security), as well as having a specific liability insurance for this sector.
    • that works with a licensed pilot. Obtaining this implies the surpassing of theoretical and practical tests in an accredited academy (ATO), as well as the passing of medical tests accredited by an aeronautical doctor.

As you can see in our page The company, Vertical Landscapes has official qualification as RPA operator (“drones”) and, implicitly (otherwise it would not have been possible), has insurance of civil responsibility, is registered in the Spanish Tax Agency and Social Security and works with a pilot with official license.

    • That all flight rules are met. Among other:
      • Not operating within the controlled flight area (CTR) of airports and aerodromes (25km radius in the case of Barcelona).
      • Do not fly over natural parks or other protected areas
      • Not to exceed 120m. Of height nor the 500m. Of distance, as well as keeping the dron in the visual of the pilot
      • Do not fly over urban centers
      • Do not fly over crowds
      • Do not fly at night
      • Do not fly in adverse weather conditions

In this map of Icarus RPA you can consult the areas of Catalonia, our usual area of work, where flying drones or aerial photography is prohibited. You can check that, in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, no type of drone flight is allowed because it is within the CTR of its airports. In these cases where we can not fly drones, we can use pole and camera crane arms to perform photography and video from a moderate height (5-7 meters).

Paisajes Verticales - mapa de zonas prohibidas al vuelo

Prohibited zone map to flying drones in Catalonia

The previous rules do not affect completely enclosed spaces: industrial buildings, sports centers, etc. In these cases the legislation related to aviation security is not applied, but obviously, any other type of legislation (general security, right to privacy, etc.) is applied. And, in addition to any regulations, common sense exists. Vertical Landscapes

All the photographs and videos of our galery are made following these norms, or they were made before the current legal framework.