How much does the drone photography service cost?

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We would all like to have on the wall a spectacular photograph of our house or our company, taken from the air by an expert photographer. For certain types of companies, this service will soon cease to be considered a dispensable whim. We refer to the real estate agencies, to the companies of the tourist sector and to the cabinets of engineering, cartography, topography and architecture, which are quickly discovering how much the collaboration of a good aerial photographer can bring them. However, sometimes this initial idea is discarded due to the idea that a service as technified and specialized as the recording of aerial images could have a prohibitive budget. Nothing is further from reality. In our rates page you will find a detailed guide on the cost of our services of photography or aerial filming with drone. The variables can be many in each project, but, to explain it in a summarized way, we usually evaluate our works in the following way:

  • the first hour: € 120
  • the following hours: € 70

This amount includes not only the realization of the photograph or aerial recording, but also the subsequent work of digital editing, since all our images are retouched manually, one by one, with all our affection, whatever the type of work accomplished. And this usually involves much more time than a simple hour. Thus, these € 100 minimum for an order cover, in addition to the first hour of flight, also all the hours of digital retouching dedicated to your project, management time, liability insurance, etc. Keep in mind that in 1 hour you can make many, many photographs. More than you will probably need, because we always make multiple shots varying the height, angle, distance … so you can choose the ones you prefer. The photographs that you choose, or the video sequences that you choose in the case of an aerial video recording, we charge according to this table:

  • 1-3 photographs: € 25
  • More than 3 photographs: from € 4 to € 10 / photo according to the amount
  • For each final minute of video: € 120

Discarded images will not be charged. They are simply archived in case you need them later. Summarizing,

  • 1 hour and 1 single picture would cost: 120 + 25 = € 145.
  • 1 hour and 10 pictures, for example, would cost: 120 + 100 = 220 €

But we insist: it depends on the type of work. Last summer we did a job for the University of Girona that consisted of the realization of several thousand images. Or, a few weeks ago, an order from the Agency of Desenvolupament del Garraf that also involved the making of many photographs. In these cases we make customized budgets, adapted to the requirements of the project. Tell us about your project so we can value it. We will help and advise without any commitment.

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